Residential options for older persons range along a continuum, from remaining in one’s own home; to senior retirement communities; to shared housing with family members, friends, or others; to residential care communities such as assisted living settings.Mrs.Chung is moving into a retirement home in her community.How would you describe Mrs.Chung’s level of residential living?

Independence to partial dependence

As the nurse admits an older female adult to a long-term care facility from her home of 50 years, the woman mistakes the nurse for her daughter.Which of the following diagnoses should the nurse consider carefully when planning care for this woman?

Relocation stress syndrome

An older female resident in a residential facility keeps a large collection of personal items and photos of her late husband on her bedside table, but the personal support worker (PSW) and the resident argue about this frequently.Why should the nurse intervene between the resident and the PSW?

The resident is attempting to maintain her sense of personal space.