Steve,Brandon,and Dylan are three friends who have been convicted of burglary.After their sentencing,they are all sent to a prison where they take many tests to determine their programming needs.After they complete these tests,they are each sent to a different prison.Steve does not have a prior prison record and is considered a nonviolent offender,so he is sent to a prison where he resides in a dormitory-style housing unit and has a great deal of freedom of movement.Brandon,like Steve,does not have a prior prison record,and is sent to a prison where he must share his cell with another inmate,and he does not have very many opportunities for educational or vocational programs.Finally,Dylan is considered to be a high security risk given his prior record and his behavior while he was on bail awaiting trial.He is sent to a prison where he is subjected to a count at least four times a day and spends very little time outside of his cell.Steve has been sentenced to a ________-security prison.


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