Which of the following is an important consideration regarding the skin of an older person?

The skin becomes more vulnerable to damage.

The nurse admits an older male patient who had abdominal surgery.Admission vital signs are P 73, R 20, BP 136/84 mm Hg.He is receiving intravenous (IV) fluids but has not requested pain medication since surgery.Seven hours later, his vital signs are P 98, R 26, BP 164/90 mm Hg, and he denies pain.Which intervention should the nurse implement?

Ask him about discomfort at the surgical site.

Under the Canada Health Act, “medically necessary” services are publicly insured, including primary health care, care in hospitals, and surgical-dental services.How is the term “medically necessary” interpreted by the provinces and the territories?

There is provincial and territorial variability in terms of how some “medically necessary” services are interpreted.