NCLEX Nursing MCQs

The nurse is preparing to walk the postpartum client for the first time since delivery. Before walking the client the nurse should:


Before walking the client for the first time after delivery the nurse should ask the client to sit on the side of the bed and dangle her legs to prevent postural hypotension. Pain medication should not be given before walking making answer A incorrect. Answers C and D have no relationship to walking the client so they are incorrect.

Mickey a 3-year old client was brought to the health center with the chief complaint of severe diarrhea and the passage of “rice-watery” stools. The client is most probably suffering from which condition?


Passage of profuse watery stools is the major symptom of cholera. Both amoebic and bacillary dysentery are characterized by the presence of blood and/or mucus in the stools. Giardiasis is characterized by fat malabsorption and, therefore, steatorrhea.