Which people began their invasion and conquest of southwestern Britain around 450 ?

Chaucer was released from legal action by____________in a deed of May 1, 1380 from rape and abduction ?

Popular English adaptations of romances appealed primarily to____________________?

Words from which language began to enter English vocabulary around the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 ?

Toward the close of which century did English replace French as the language of conducting business in Parliament and in court of law ?

what did Chaucerwife use to do ?

Chaucer became a member of Parliament in_______________?

How did Henry II, the first of EnglandPlantagenet kings, acquire vast provinces in southern France ?

Which king began a war to enforce his claims to the throne of France in 1336 ?

Which twelfth-century poet or poets were indebted to Breton storytellers for their narratives ?

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